千島湖青少年活動中心一樓是課外實踐基地,將科技館和青少年宮的主題教室相結合,打造出以“服務 — 啟發 — 科技—創新”為主要方向的實踐基地,全力打造全新服務平臺,增強青少年活動中心的宣傳和休息功能。


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The first floor of Qiandao Lake Youth Activity Center is an after-curricular practice base, which combines the theme classroom of the science and technology museum and the Youth Palace to create a practice base with "service- -inspiration- -science and technology- -innovation" as the main direction, make every effort to build a new service platform and enhance the publicity and rest function of the youth activity center.

In order to enable visitors to quickly integrate into the atmosphere of "practice and innovation" in the youth activity center, the hall on the first floor is a science and technology activity room module, highlighting the concept of "unlimited creativity, playing science and technology". The other floors above take the Thousand Island Lake youth characteristic theme function classroom as the practice base.

After visiting the full youth activity center and going back to the first floor, visitors will enjoy the technology activity room with different feelings with feedback.

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Location: Zhejiang
type: Youth Palace Construction
total area: 4400 ㎡
Completion time: 2017